Goodman – Honey and Wine

Andrea Bartunek, contributor

Honey and Wine by Goodman is a perfect stony Sunday afternoon of an album.

The short intro, probably stolen from an old jazz album titled “A Goodman,” pulls you in and you’re like, “What?” Then it’s chill from there. This trippy instrumental record is great driving music, and also lovely for eating nachos while alone. You should listen to this when you’re at work when you don’t want to be productive. If you’d rather zone out, then this could be the soundtrack to your lifestyle, and also if you’d rather be snowboarding.

Basically one consistent track of mellow beats, Honey and Wine is fun and easy to lose your time to. It’s like someone slowed down RJD2 and then had a baby with Ratatat. If you like those two you are bound to like Goodman. It’s also a short album, so if you don’t have a long attention span…

Rating: 7 out of 12 cans of PBR!

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