Ground Breaker Beer: Someone Sent Us Free Beer So We’re Gonna Write About It!

Chris Durant, staff


One cold, dark, depressing winter day there was a knock on the office door in Arcata! I froze. I could hear the knock through my headphones while watching Unlikely Animal Friends on Netflix.

“I didn’t order anything. Who’s knocking?” I wondered to myself. “Has the landlord finally had enough of me moving my scream therapy classes to the Savage Henry office?”


Another knock.


My chair squeaked. There was no doubt the mysterious knocker heard. I decided to answer.

Slowly I opened the door, half expecting a gun barrel or a subpoena shoved in my face.

Imagine my delight when a hardworking FedEx delivery man was standing there with a giant, heavy box.


I signed and took possession. Like a kid at Christmas I ripped open the mystery package, and to my delight, it was full of beer! Cans, bottles… a whole array of not only beer, but gluten free beer! I still don’t really know what that means, but they had me at beer and that was enough for me.


Ground Breaker Brewing is a Portland-based brewery established in 2010. Those who are hardcore readers or listeners to the podcasts know that I’m pretty much just a PBR man, but free is free and free beer is, well, you get it.


Got them home, chilled them up and had a little Ground Breaker beer tasting in my living room, and bathtub, and then again in the living room, and then in bed. Gluten be damned. The beer tasted great. I know they have to put “Gluten Free” on there to let the folks who don’t fuck with gluten know, but I couldn’t tell if I was missing the gluten or not, so I think that’s good.


They got all the hits: pale ale, IPA, dark ale, and Imperial Darkness and Cascadian Dark Ale — They like it dark! They have a bunch o’more flavors too. Good stuff, Ground Breaker; next time we get a box of beer I’ll try to get it in the hands of a more cultured palate.

For more information on Ground Breaker, check out,

And if you want to send us beer, we’ll probably write about it:


791 8th St. Suite N

Arcata, CA 95521

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