Have you seen Michael Phelps’ training diet?

Chris Durant, staff

When the Olympics were happening all the sportscasters made a big deal about Chris Durant, staff Michael Phelps’ 10 zillion calorie diet. When they would read off his daily menu it sounded really familiar and inspired me to believe I am a world-class athlete too. It also should have put to rest any doubts that Phelps’ smokes mad weed.


  • 3 fried-egg sandwiches
  • 5 more eggs in an omelette
  • 3 chocolate chip pancakes
  • 3 sugar-coated slices of French toast
  • A bowl of grits (maize porridge)


  • A pound (1/2 kg) of pasta
  • 2 ham and cheese sandwiches
  • Energy drinks


  • A pound (1/2 kg) of pasta
  • A large Pizza
  • Energy drinks

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