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Well, it’s finally here. After three years of doing a monthly, physically in your hands printed magazine www.savagehenrymagazine.com is up and going. There’re still a lot to do, but we were so excited to share with you all that we blew our load early and launched it after getting about five issues worth of content in.

So check back frequently and I encourage you to comment away because I’m sure you all have intelligent and insightful thoughts we’d all like to read and discuss.

Check out the “Cover Gallery” and see all of Sonny Wong’s awesome covers, or check out our music section for Ben Allen’s awesome stable of reviewers and their industry insider view on the hottest music around, or simply keep hitting “Random Article” where you are sure to get classic piece after classic piece to read and ponder.

And you can finally link up pieces to send to all your friends back East, over seas or in such exotic locales like Canada and say, “This is that fuckin’ magazine I’ve been telling you about!”

However you use it, we just wanted to make sure you knew you had a whole other avenue to get your daily dose of  SHIT.


Chris Durant


About Chris Durant

Chris Durant has worked at not working for decades. He's the publisher of Savage Henry Magazine.

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