History of the Norwegian Black Metal Scene

Scandinavia, in full, was planned as an acre of Disneyland adjacent to Frontierland but due to a misread blueprint it was placed much further North where Walt Disney failed to retain power over its goings-on. Luckily, most of the employees remained cute and rosy-cheeked, painting birds on things and braiding their hair in that adorable way after getting out of the sauna.

The problem was the next generation who didn’t go through the rigorous Disney training and rebelled in the worst, least guest-friendly way: Playing unsanctioned park music.

The new Norwegians referred to themselves as “The Black Metal Inner Circle”. They gathered at a record shop in Oslo and formed a religion. It was super cute until they stabbed a dog and a dude and burned a grip of churches down. The Norwegian scene was giving the Swedish scene a bad name and things were getting dark. WWWDD?

Things have settled down a bit since Scandinavia was sued by Disney’s shareholders for brand derision. The lesson is this history is to read blueprints twice.

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