The History of Shrimp Cocktail

The shrimp cocktail was invented in a bar on Boston Harbor in 1941. It was first prepared as a drunken “let’s put gross shit together in a glass and dare people to drink it” concoction with shrimp, ketchup, and vodka, but it proved to be delicious while hammered. The vodka was taken out because too many shrimp were ending up on the sidewalk outside the bar, via barfola, and attracting seagulls who were getting to be obnoxious. The final adjustment was adding horseradish sauce. Delicioso!

Mexicans add onions and avocado to their shrimp cocktail. That is not racist. That is a fact.

The cheapest place to purchase a shrimp cocktail is in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, Earth. It will come in a styrofoam cup, but that is just about par for the course in Vegas, the most wasteful city on the planet. If you’d like to help save the planet, even though you are eating the fleshy bodies of sea insects out of a cup that will last forever, use an escort card, instead of a fork, to shovel it into your mouth. You should categorize the rest of your escort cards into binders. BINDERS FULL OF WOMEN.



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