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Zeke Herrera, staff

I know you’re like me and you’ve watched Home Improvement and thought “this could probably be better”. Tim Taylor’s antics are fun, but my 15th time going through reruns, things can get a little dull. Of course it could be improved (*wink*), but how? Well here’s a few pointers on how to make your Home Improvement viewing experience better.

Pretend You Can See All of Wilson’s Face

Hey Wilson! We can’t see your face, pal! Long time viewers know that throughout Home Improvement’s eight seasons we never once get to see The Tool Man’s neighbor, Wilson Wilson’s face. What the heck? I tune in every week and for what? So I can guess what Wilson’s face looks like? Well. not anymore. Now you can just do what I do. Pretend Wilson is a famous celebrity or close relative. This takes some of the mystery out of the show and lets you focus on the hilarious jokes. I like to imagine a young George Clooney, but you can pick whoever you want.

Change it to The George Lopez Show

I would never tell you to turn off Home Improvement, but if you have every episode DVR’d like me – and every episode of TGLS – you can play a fun little game where you stop one halfway through and start the other halfway through. Then, act like it’s the same show. This can lead to some pretty wacky antics and questions like, “Why’s Ernie wearing a tool belt all of a sudden?” or “When did Brad get a Mexican sex change?” and “FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WHERE IS MARK!?!?!?!?!?”

Take a Drink Every Time You Hear The Word “Tool”

Watching TV can be thirsty work, but it’s easy to forget to stay hydrated while entranced in Tim Allen’s whimsy. An easy way to remember is just to have a glass of water by you and take a drink every time somebody says the word “tool.” They say it quite a lot, so you’re sure to stay refreshed by playing this fun drinking game.

Count Cthulhu References

As we all know, Home Improvement is filled with hints pointing to the fact that the Taylor family and cast of Tool Time are slaves to Lord Cthulhu. I like to spend time counting all those Easter Eggs. Unlike the drinking game, I’m genuinely concerned about what might happen if I make any visible motion every time I notice one of the references. You can still have fun, though. Just make a small mental note whenever you see one. I’ve started noticing people outside of my house whenever I turn on Home Improvement. I tried calling the police, but they just write it off. I wrote a letter to the FBI, but I haven’t heard back from them. This is just a last ditch effort to hopefully get some kind of help.

Sit on a Couch

“But Zeke I already sit on a couch when I watch Home Improvement,” you said out loud like a real dummy. That’s my point. Home Improvement is a great show and you can just enjoy it as is. You don’t need some dumb guide to reignite your love. It’s been there the whole time. 

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