Humboldt’s Most Eligible Bachelorette – The Art Issue

Emily Hobelmann, contributor

Jen McFerrin, 34, Marketing Exec; Arcata.

We caught up with Jen on a Thursday in beautiful downtown Garberville. She was on her way south, her weekend plans including a beer session at Lagunitas, a comedy show in SF, a VIP party, more comedy, Mayer Hawthorne at the Fox, a DJ set at Temple, and a Super Bowl shindig. All of this followed by back-to-back Tuesday/Wednesday Devil Makes Three shows in Humboldt County.

That’s Jen for you — she goes to shows so you don’t have to: “I will see a show at least once a week, but on a good week I’ll see two or three.” You could be her plus-one… She’s gonna go out anyway, if you want to come along.

Jen enjoys quality beer. “You can drink a Coors Light, but only if you pour bloody mary mix into it and only if it’s a day that you’re watching football. No Coors Light after dark,” she says. “Certain beers are only acceptable during the daylight hours.” Words to imbibe by. Jen’s currently into dark beers with this spring storminess, but she’s usually an IPA person. She enjoys quality coffee, too.

WHAT SHE’S SEEKING: Men who are open, honest, communicative, and not too fussy. A man who can use his words; a man who can follow her train of thought.

ON STYLE: If you have a sense of style and you’re owning your look, she’s going to notice. “I do like glasses and oh my god… Sideburns… I’m basically looking for a like ‘90s era punk rocker greaser,” she tells us. “Or, like Luke Perry from Beverly Hills.”

TEXT OR PHONE CALL: “I’m totally fine with the phone call, but not for the first date.” Jen is a textrovert. So text her, and be cute about it. She’s a busy lady, she doesn’t want to check voicemails. Use your technology.

BEST SECOND DATE: A nice home-cooked meal and good conversation: “I totally enjoy cooking with someone,” she says. “I think that’s a good way to see if you can jive with someone, like how you work in a kitchen together.”

PDAs: “I think premature PDAs are totally not OK.” However, Jen does welcome the occasional drunken makeout session.

GUILTY PLEASURES: Singing along to shitty pop music in the car; carne asada nachos.

FORWARD THINKERS: Man-child beware… Jen likes a guy who knows what he wants. “It feels like when a guy doesn’t make his move, he’s being wishy-washy about it.” So ditch the diapers and man up! Jen will split the check with you at dinner, but first, you need to initiate the date.

MUSIC SENSE: “There’s the East coast Phish-loving guy. That’s not really for me,” she says. But a love of good bluegrass or good hip-hop… Yeah, by all means.

A RELATIONSHIP IS RIGHT: When Jen can go circulate the room at an event away from her date’s side and he’s cool, like he’s holding his own… She lives for that shared moment of assurance, when her and her date lock eyes from across a busy room.

Jen can party for five days straight at High Sierra and then turn around to throw on a vintage polka dot dress for a Mayer Hawthorne show. She involves herself with the most fun people, and she always stays true to herself. And she went to all-girls Catholic high school. (She kept all those plaid skirts… So, you know.) Also, Jen is a Chargers fan. Boom.


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