I’m Sorry to Hear About Your Mother, What Size Shoes Did She Wear?

The only time trickle down economics actually works is when a wealthy person dies and their children, off being rich somewhere themselves, tell the movers to donate all of their dead parent’s clothing to the Hospice Thrift Shop before they put the house on the market. Hooray!

Chances are these wealthy folks visited Ireland at some point and bought a pair of matching Donegal sweaters that never left the closet. $5. Their basic tees were from L.L.Bean and as such are still in great shape and will be forever. $2. If the woman was a shoe collector you will have to wade through the old lady shoes to find the showcase selection of Italian leather that was never worn because of corns/bunions/a decreasing social calendar after Harold died, but find them you will! $6.

It’s nice that the people who cut this couple’s lawn and made this couple’s bread get a crack at some really quality gear, too. Even if the Eau de Age still faintly clings to your new high quality item.

Don’t forget to spread the love when you take the eternal dirt nap! Someone is going to find those Jordans that you kept in the box, be stoked and write a small story about it for a holographic humor magazine.

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