Indiana Letter

Hello, california. I have just moved here in last couple weeks from a boring Midwest state, not to mention by name, but anal gov is now V.P. Anyhow, just stumbled across your publication in a store which had about 10 most recent issues. I read each of them more than once, loving em. Got few questions, have you done an issue on bigfoot? Be funny to see what he’d do first time he mistook weed on a farm for other plant? Well, just one quick stupid question, why ads on left, content right?


Thanks, new fan JDM.


P.S. sending copies of mag back to upright fuckers in Indiana, oops, named the state.


Ed note – Thanks, Gary Indiana! The Squatch Issue is a decent idea, we’ll kick it around. And to answer your stupid question (there is no such thing!) – just cuz. It’s not a rule, it just feels right.

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