Inside the Earth to Outer Space

M. Bunny, contributor

To keep up with the time warp we’re experiencing as a result of parallel universes colliding due to the Mandela Effect, let’s reflect on the Top 10 List from The Trippin’ Issue, and the #1 item folks are tripping on.  WORMHOLES!

Wormholes are everywhere around you! Unlike a rabbit hole, which takes its inhabitant deep into the earth’s core, a wormhole will launch its user into other dimensions inside outer space. Most wormholes are caused by actual worms in the soil. People don’t typically know this, but “worm castings” is just a shortened version of its ancient name, “worm casting spells.” Those little worms in your lawn and garden are all actually little warlocks headed to another realm. Warlock Worms are quite smart, using a technique to fool humans by creating what appear to be tiny “rabbit holes” leading into the dirt, but are actually headed into outer space! Don’t ask me how I obtained this information, or if I’m one of the only living creatures on this planet to escape a ceremony with CERN. But facts are facts, worms are warlocks! Now here’s the part that takes a wild turn, worms are able to re-grow their bodies. Sure you’ve probably chopped up a worm while working outside shoveling shit, but did you know that a worm can re-grow itself another body after being chopped into pieces? Not only will the worm live on, but will clone itself and create thousands of  “worm holes” placing it separated self in various dimensions throughout the galaxy.

*For the growers*  

Adding worm castings to your soil or compost tea will provide the magical benefit only a warlock could create. Your plants will become spellbinding and take you to regions you’ve never imagined possible. Everyone will want your magical weed because it will send them to galaxies beyond their belief.

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