Interview: Delaney and Paris

Delaney and Paris met in a college group vocal class in 2009. Before long they began writing together which quickly developed into their own brand of sexually explicit, vulgar folk music. Due to the graphic nature of their lyrics, they’ve found an audience with drunks at closing time as well as attendees of burlesque and comedy shows. In March of 2013, D & P released their first, self-produced record “Cute But Not Nice.” Some of their lyrics will have you giggling nervously, shocked by their raunchy details. You’ll quickly find yourself feeling like an adolescent who has discovered his uncle’s stash of Playboys.

Ben: This is a question for Paris. On “My Herpes Hurt,” Delaney mentions an intimate encounter with a shampoo bottle. Are you ready to admit that you did indeed masturbate with it?

Paris: Yes, I’ll admit we did write all of the songs on our new album by ourselves based on real life experiences. B: Describe the recording process for the very realistic queef on the track “I’m Sorry That I Queefed on You.”

Paris & Delaney: We did attend a 10-day retreat in order to practice and experiment with a variety of techniques for creating different air exiting sounds. We found that our favorite and most honest method involved using a fire stoker to physically inject air directly into our vaginas and holding the microphone up to the exit point upon expulsion.

B: Due to the somewhat ridiculous nature of your tunes, I have to question the seriousness of this project. Do you really expect to become popular with song titles like “I’d Swallow It” and “Whiskey Dick?”

P&D: Do you really expect to become a serious journalist writing for a free magazine for pot heads, full of off- color jokes, and a tragic lack of nudie pictures?

B: Obviously you didn’t see our “Sex Issue,” it featured a full spread of me fisting both of your Moms. Moving on, how much truth is there behind your lyrical content?

P: It’s all true.
D: Yeah I fucked my ex boss in the ass and then Paris gave me herpes.

P: And I just want to set the record straight that it was in fact Hepatitis C that I got from mainlining heroin, not AIDS as Delaney continues to insist.

B: I was a little disappointed there were no tracks about rubber fists, bestiality or midget defecation pornography on “Cute But Not Nice.” Please tell me there’s a sophomore album in your future?

P: We’re in the process of developing our next album “White Trash.”

D: It’s in tribute to our hometown of Spring Hill, Tennessee where we grew up a couple of poor white trash girls without a father.

P: Yeah some stupid stoner DJ dropped a load in our mom and took off before the Bris.

D: But our Mom worked hard, always kept the ranch dressing in the fridge and she inspired us to start playing music and taking off our clothes. So take that daddy! Wherever you are.

B: Where do you see your band in 30 years? Do you think you’ll be singing about granny porn?

D: Probably.

P: Yeah, I’m pretty sure our act will only be charming if we’re either very young, or very old.

Yeah, I can see myself queefing on stage well into my 80s.

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