Jacuzzi Boys – Ping Pong

Adam Jacobs, contributor

Who knew Florida had hipsters? Anyway, the Jacuzzi Boys, a rock trio from Miami proves just that. Jacuzzi Boys latest release Ping Pong isn’t going to blow your mind with musical innovations but it will leave you with a smile. Their sound reminds me of a softer Descendents, or less nerdy Weezer. Unlike Weezer, I actually wanna party with these dudes and not give them all atomic wedgies. Ping Pong is an album full of catchy, sing along hooks and angst that isn’t wasted on this forever teen. Stand out track is “Refrigeration,” a pop-punk jam with a hint of early Talking Heads playfulness. The best thing Jacuzzi Boys do is not taking themselves seriously. Music should be fun and make you smile.

9 out of 12 cans of PBR!

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