Kurt Cobain – Montage of Heck: The Home Recordings

Despite all of the truly horrible reviews that this obviously exploitive cash cow has received prior to it’s release, It still remains a document to one of the most important musicians of the past quarter century. If anyone expects anything else from the barren vaults of Nirvanadom, they are crazy. Two of the best tracks on the disc were two of the worst tracks on bootlegs I had bought 20 years ago. Music zombies will eat up the Beatles cover, while others might find some value in the rawness of the tapes represented. The two closest things I can relate this disc to are the first Jandek records and Lou Barlow’s weirdo Sentridoh lps, if you can imagine that. The liner notes state that the double expensive edition “delves deeper into the creative progression of Kurt’s artistry”. Give me a break and fuck off! Kurt would be pissed off at such business pig drivel. My favorite “song” is probably “Reverb Experiment”, a drone track that sounds a lot like it could be an early recording from his best friend Dylan Carlson’s band Earth. Most of the other tracks here are acoustic works in progress, simple but passionate, bare bones no budget embryonic rock and roll. For what it is, the album is great. Most people will ask, “But what the hell is it?” Scraps, definitely scraps. Unglued and on the floor, of an artist we only began to get to know and understand. I can appreciate it for that.

11 out of 12 PBRs

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