Less Than Famous Serial Criminals

You know all the famous serial killers by name: Jeff Dahmer; Son of Sam; Johnny Wayne Gacy; Zodiacman; Ted “Theodore” Bundy; Bill S. Preston, Esquire — the list goes on.

But there have been countless more sadistic and depraved serial criminals that haven’t gotten the sexy headlines. Among these hidden gems:

The Boston Teabagger

From 2010 to 2013, dipped his balls in over 30 of his Xbox Live opponents’ mouths. Executed Mar. 2016.

“Salty” Rick Hauser

Convicted of ritual mailbox desecration in 1973. Served 12 years of a life sentence before being eaten during a conjugal visit in 1985.


Cecil Fielder

He murdered a whole lot of baseballs, you know what I’m saying? Executed in 2010.


Marjorie Climptis, AKA the Healdsburg Heavy Petter

Accused of slightly fondling men across Sonoma County from 1984 to 1992. County failed to convict because the victims didn’t care.


Taran “That Mean Guy is Back Again” Morgelsen

Habitually rude to waitstaff in the same Mexican restaurant in Vermont for over 20 years. Convicted of an unrelated mass killing and died in prison in 1996.

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