Lesser-Known Holidays

In my home, we love the holidays. Everything from Christmas to Easter to New Year’s Day to New Year’s Eve to Flag Day to Labor Day to the 4th of July to Memorial Day to Martin Luther King, Jr Day to Christopher Columbus Day to Cesar Chavez Day to Valentine’s Day to Mother’s Day to Father’s Day to Secretary Day to Passover to St. Patrick’s Day to Hanukkah to Ramadan. We love them all. But did you know that there are many, many other holidays out there that most of us have never heard of? Learn them, and become a more knowledgeable, culturally sensitive person:

January 14: Take Your Daughter to Prison Day (International)

March 19: Rave Wars (Vatican City)

April 8: Judd Hirsch Day (Japan)

May 22: Family Shame Festival (Ireland)

June 1: The Feast of St. Terry, Patron Saint of Probiotic Gut Flora (UK)

August 20-24: Hot Skee-Lo Nights (Canada)

September 25: Watch That Episode of Friends Where Ross Is Really Excited to See Hootie and The Blowfish Day (Argentina)

November 12: Children Day, Presented by Midori (Netherlands)

December 28: Revenge Day (Luxembourg)

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