Letter to the editor #01


Dear Editor,

My name is Margorie Dutton and I am campaigning, along with other area mothers, against your publication. We believe that magazines such as yours have no place being offered near schools, or anywhere persons younger than 18 congregate and frequent. Frankly, we think that if you continue publishing (which we doubt you will after you hear what we have to say), your distribution points should be limited to sex shops and bars that do not serve food to minors at any part of the day. It should be wrapped in plastic with a stronger warning to minors. Have you no children, sirs?

Have you no common decency for the children of others? When exposed to magazines such as yours, children begin to lose the morality we as parents have worked so hard to instill. Reading such filth leads to sloth, alcohol consumption, use of illicit substances and ultimately death by overdose or suicide from shame.

We have called our campaign M.A.S.H. It is an acronym for Mothers Against Savage Henry. Don’t think that our husbands aren’t on board with us. Mr. Dutton is a very large man and supports me completely.

We ask that you cease and desist publication. If this request is not met, we will take measures to ensure, at least, that distribution will be limited. I know the mayor’s wife very well.

Very concerned citizen,

Mrs. Margorie Dutton M.A.S.H. President and Founder


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