Letter to the editor #04 (a)

Dear Savage Henry editors,

I am frustrated by your decision to not run my short erotic story, “My Advisor and Me”. As a feminist and avid proponent of First Amendment rights, it offends me that your editorial team would participate in this type of censorship. I felt empowered by writing about a sexual encounter that was both incredibly exciting and daring. I know followers of your fine publication would have “enjoyed” reading the piece as much as I enjoyed writing it.

It’s frustrating to see the new love advice column featuring references to “glass-bottom boats” and “pearl necklaces.” There was also the cover band called “Beastiality Boys.” What makes this material all right for publication, but a well-written, imaginative short erotic story so offensive?

Sarah Godlin’s letter regarding the exclusion of the article based on your lawyer’s advice was obviously fake. Savage Henry can’t even pay their writers, let alone a high-priced lawyer.

In the future, I would encourage you to more carefully consider your decision to censor submissions. Savage Henry is a great creative outlet for many people and should adhere to our constitutional rights for freedom of expression.

your loyal reader and (hopefully) contributor,



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