Letter to the editor #06 (d)

Dear Savage Henry, I love movies. I watch a lot of movies. Can’t stand a movie with a rape scene in it, though. Don’t much like rape scenes in magazines either. Some of my favorite movies, on the other hand, feature the winning combination of tattooing (surprise, surprise) and revenge. There’s that winning scene in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo in which title character Lisbeth Salander tattoos “I AM A SADISTIC PIG, A PERVERT, AND A RAPIST” (but in Swedish) on her rapist’s stomach. Very cathartic. Less well-known but equally effective is the scene in Prey for Rock & Roll in which main character Jacki tattoos “RAPIST” on the forehead of the guy who raped her bandmate. Great scenes! Professionally, though, I feel they are lacking — the lettering in both is a little sloppy, choppy, and, well, thin. I would have done the job in nice solid Old English, big as it could go.Deep too.

Hey, Savage Henry, I’m not saying you need that kind of new tattoo. But after reading issue #5, yes, your back-to-school issue, specifically page 42 with its blame-the-victim, entitle-the-assailant double-feature “advice” column, I’m thinking maybe “Henry” needs a tattoo that says something like “Rape is never funny,” or “I am an ignorant asshole,” or maybe just “No means no.” Not huge, maybe even in kanji. Just a reminder that blaming the victim of date rape would be funny only if it weren’t so painfully true. Just a reminder that no one is entitled to abuse someone because they “pay the rent.” Say, I pay to advertise in your magazine; what does that entitle me to do to you? Oh, I know! Henry, come on by and I’ll hook you up with that new tattoo. Big as it can go. Deep too.

Lydia (Lauraine Leblanc, Ph.D.)
Tattoo Artist/Owner Ancient Arts Tattooing & Piercing

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