Letter to the editor #06 (e)

Dear Savage Henry,

I am a former Humboldt County local that recently moved down to Southern California. I love your magazine but seeing as how I am stuck within the evil clutches of So Cal suburbia I have no way of getting ahold of your wonderful literature. I was wondering if there was any way I might be able to find upcoming issues online. If there aren’t any sites online it might be something to consider, that way the rest of the world can enjoy it as much as I do.

Samson Blackwell

Thanks a lot Samson,

We do have a website, www.savagehenrymagazine. com, and we are working on getting our magazine content on the website. You can always subscribe to the hard copy, $25 for 12 issues sent right to your house. Just e-mail editor@ savagehenrymagazine.com for more information on a subscription and keep checking out the website. Thanks again and sorry about the LA thing.

-other ed: GO DODGERS!

-the first editor again: Season’s over, Scoreboard.

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