Letter to the editor #06 (f)

Dear Savage Henry,

Remember when, early on, you published an ad asking for ideas from your readers, saying we might get a chance to run our ideas in yer mag? ‘Member how I sent you an email saying how I’d like to write a snarky advice column and how I’m all funny and smart and stuff and you guys should try sending me advice questions to try me out? And then! ‘Member how instead of sending me test letters you straight stole my idea and made up your own insipid letters and answered them ALL with the same lame misunderstanding-sexual- innuendo joke?! ‘Member that??! Yeah… that was awesome.

Love, ~ Mama T
PS – if readers want ACTUAL advice with ACTUAL attitude, send letters to me c/o SH.
They know how to reach me. <3!


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