Letter to the editor #06 (a)

Dear Savage Henry,

Thank you for printing my letter to the editor in your last issue.

Unfortunately Pete did not maliciously paint over my mural like I claimed, but only reluctantly painted over it after some bureaucratic art Nazis from the commie- toilet known as Arcata City Hall forced him to do it. Knowing this I would like to personally apologize to Big Pete and his family and absolve him from any art/ pizza crimes.

Let me now clear up a couple of other misconceptions in my previous letter.

When I called Big Pete an art-hating pizza ruiner, I now mean Big Pete is an art-loving pizza genius who supports the local art and music scene more than anyone else I have ever met.

Also, I encourage everyone to eat there as many times as financially possible. Remember they have a great happy hour and lots of sports on TV plus a new location in Eureka.

The only statement I wish not to retract is my shitty baseball mural comment.

I would like to also like to apologize to Savage Henry — I’m sorry for pitting you against a paying advertiser with my demented letter to the editor.  You already hustle hard enough.

I myself will consider anger management classes while trying to refrain from writing angry letters regarding local businesses that piss me off (like Spotlight Video). A special “fuck you” to the bureaucratic knock hole wiper at Arcata City hall who gets paid to decide what’s real art.


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