Letter to the Editor #39

What’s up?
aarcatas dirty little secret. we know that was a spoof and written by a county employee pot grower. disgusting yet true but was meant as a joke, ” growers lead to homelessness, tooth decay and mexican mafia.” said the old article as a joke but is true. while yall make fun of those victimized by the greed weed culture, it makes people homeless, we are doing a ddocumentary of this, and wongs turning hate into cash…. hm true also. be careful what you make fun of. why are there so many homeless in arcata? weed, greed speed. its a big game right. Why not make fun of those hurt by this dynamic also while you are at it. 3 generations of dope growers has degraded arcata. too bad that true piece was a joke written by one claiming to be from defense industry who moved to arcata, when in fact , again, was written by county employee grower, the mag is okay, that piece was evil.
– Kris

Hey Kris, thanks for reading, but to tell you the truth that piece was in an issue over a year ago and we can’t really remember what you’re talking about and we’re too damn lazy to go perusing volumes upon volumes of old Savage Henry’s to find it… but I really wanted to print your letter to point out to our advertisers that see, people really do keep this mag lying around and reading it, years after it’s on the streets. Thanks for helping to illustrate this Kris. And what’s a “ddocumentary?” Is that a documentary with giant tits?

— Editor

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