Letter to the Editor #41

Dear Savage Henry,
Upon perusing this months issue I was flabbergasted to locate an advertisement for a medical cannabis club in Portland Oregon. I thought Savage Henry was a local paper about local topics and local people here in Humboldt. What does “Cannablis” have to do with the local Humboldt community? I don’t understand why you would allow a cannabis club 400 miles away to promote your magazine. I find it disheartening that you would go that far for promotional money, is Humboldt coming up short on funding your project? Aren’t your pages packed with advertisements for local businesses ranging from liquor stores in Arcata to garden supply stores in willow creek? Surely you have enough funders to put out this magazine on a monthly basis without any Portland money. I cringe at seeing new ad’s from outside the area, especially outside of the state. When I called “Cannablis” the gentleman who answered the phone wasn’t even aware of your magazine. So I ask you, why? Don’t get me wrong, I love you guys, I’m just pissed seeing P-Town represented in our magazine, am I alone here?
PS: no limericks month? What the fuck??
Brad Smith

Ed Note 1) – Hi Brad, we appreciate your enthusiasm. Our plans have always been to expand Savage Henry’s circulation. It is true we started in Humboldt and in the the owners all live here, but for over a year we’ve had writers and contributors from all over country and for the last six months we’ve been regularly distributed all over Northern California and Oregon. We’re sorry this offends you. And our content is, for the most part, general humor and not strictly “Humboldt- centric.” But thanks for showing a new client that his ad was noticed.

PS: The Limerick writer didn’t get the Limericks in before deadline. He’s a leprechaun, so he was probably drunk. 

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