Letters to the editor #2 (b)

To whom it may concern,

It has come to my attention that not only have you continued with your publication, but you have made it even brighter and more appealing to children.

I found a copy of your word pornography in my son’s possession. HE IS A CHILD! I have seen the corruption in his actions: Talking back, playing video games. Next year, when he is a legal adult, there will be nothing I can do about what he reads, but for now, your smutty, foul-mouthed magazine is set in my sights.

Terminate publication immediately or, God help you, the Mothers Against Savage Henry will start their legal campaign. I pray for your souls and the souls your magazine will corrupt.

In Jesus’ name,
Mrs. Margorie Dutton
M.A.S.H. President and Founder

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