Letters to the Editor #44 (b)

Savage Henry,                                                                                     11/29/13

How’s it goin? I just go blessed with a copy of your magazine and this has got to be one of the coolest mags I have ever seen! There is a ass load of funny clips and comments. Oh, and that shit about the Russian designer….was fricken off the chain.
I was wondering if y’all can put me on your subscription list? That way I can get my own issues (to add to my mentals?!) and not have to wait while everyone finger fucks it to death (I’m an inmate in prison.)
So please, please hook me up huh? I would also like to shoot this quote to y’all…

Don’t make love by the garden gate.
Love is blond…
But the neighbors ain’t?

Hey, do y’all want some bad ass art work? Just let me know ‘cause I am a hell of an artist. Thanks so much,

Valley State Prison
Chowchilla, CA

ed- Hi Buddy, thanks for reading. Subscriptions are $30 a year (12 issues). However, throw some art work our way that we can use in some of our future issues and we’ll pay you with a subscription? How’s that sound? Future themes include the “PG (as in parental guidance) issue in Jan., the “Art” issue in Feb. and our 50th issue extravaganza in June. Thanks again.


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