Letters to the Editor #44 (a)

Dear Savage Henry,                                                       11/30/13

I wanna personally thank you for sendin me your magazine. I was fucken stoked to get it. I am in prison hundreds of miles from home (Arcata) and your magazine was the coolest thing I seen in 3 years since my arrest. I am a punk rock sk8er kid and Savage Henry your mag was right up my alley. It made me so happy to read about the Cock Tales and the Redskins. I just happen to be a Redskins fan and my Chinese animal is the cock. I was born Oct. 4, 1981. I got 5 more years to go before I return but while I’m here I’m preparin myself for HSU! I got my GED and I start Coastline Community College in Jan. 2014. I have done a 360 as far as my behavior and I hope people will give me another chance. I’m still gonna party hard but my criminal fuck you attitude needs an adjustment before I come home. This place blows, all I want is out. It’s makin me sick in the head. I took my freedom for granted and this is the price I pay. I got a whole new outlook and just hope once I get out I can stay out this time. Man, I miss Arcata, the people, the sk8 park, Redwood Park, etc….I don’t know where you got my hook up but cool beans good lookin out. Your mag is the SHIT, literally. Fuk yeah, stay sik my friends!

Valley State Prison
Chowchilla, CA

ed – Thanks Rob, your subscription was paid for by someone around here in Humboldt. So you’ll at least be getting the next 11 issues and we’re shocked as hell a prison let it in. We’ve had at least seven prison subscription attempts over the last three and a half years and your’s is only the second one to make it over the walls. We’re glad we can help in any way and keep the letters coming!


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