License to Cuss


I’m 18 today, you bastards, and guess what? You can’t tell my butt what to do anymore. I’m heading down to the gas station to buy some skoal and a lighter, and there’s nothing you can do about it. And guess what? I’m gonna damn cuss whenever I want from now on. HELL frickin’ yeah.

I get to vote now, you melon farmers. Hope you like damn change, hell. And guess what? I’m done with school. You can’t make me go back for another senior year. This mother fudger is gettin’ his butt a JOB, damn. Gonna move out into Klayden’s mom’s place and just puff cigs and eat candy all damn day. The hell with your rules, you spitheads.

And guess what? You can’t tell me to wear a helmet when I’m blastin’ around on my Huffy anymore. And guess what? I’m gonna get a tattoo and hang out with black people. Hope you hellfaces like damn butt rebels for sons. Can I have twenty bucks? Me and Klayden are gonna go see Deadpool.

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