Lindstrøm – Windings EP


Sam Wingspan, Contributor

Once upon a time I dated an opera singer. Her classical favorites included the greats like Verdi and Puccini. Yet, whenever we got in her car, as if by clockwork, some uptempo pop song by Mika or Ratatat would be on queue; incongruous against her preferential taste. Such is this rollicking Scandanavian synth disco EP from Lindstrøm.
Yes, we all have our finer tastes that we’ll pull out of our respective sleeves to impress our snobbier friends, but occasionally, we just need to dance. On this three track EP, Lindstrøm provides us with an irresistibly danceable ecstatic love child of Chromeo’s bass lines with Passion Pit’s zest for synth hooks accented by a soupsant of Zapp and Roger and even some 80’s balladeering power chords.
Switch off your brain, tune in, and turn on. It’s worth it. You may even need it.

10 out of 12 cans of PBR!

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