Live Show Preview: Tigerbomb’s Final Performance

Tigerbomb!, the beloved eighteen-year-old Guided By Voices tribute band with origins in Humboldt, will be playing their final show this weekend. The band’s performance will take place Saturday, May 28th at The Shanty in Eureka and they will be accompanied by three local bands.

The concept of Tigerbomb! originated with vocalist Jensen Rufe. While attending HSU in 1997, Rufe wrote a post on Guided by Voices fansite “Postal Blowfish,” inquiring if anyone accessing the fanpage resided in Humboldt County and would be interested in starting a tribute band. Despite the internet’s infancy, the isolation of Humboldt and the obscurity of Guided by Voices, Rufe was almost immediately contacted by Toby Cook, who put him in touch with his brother, guitarist Ryan Cook. After posting “Wanted: Musicians for GbV Cover Band” flyers around the HSU campus and through word of mouth, the rest of the group’s lineup was solidified in 1998.

Each member of Tigerbomb! has a history with popular local groups. Rufe was bassist in The Sin Men and The Foster Kids, among many others. Ray Johnson played drums in numerous bands, most notably The Cutters and The Sin Men. Cook was the guitarist in The Foster Kids, The Letdown and Sad Wings of Destiny. Bassist Danny McAlerney played with The Lowlights and Trash and Roll. Second guitarist Aaron Karl recently played with his first non-coverband, Scary Photographs.

Guided by Voices is the brainchild of the incredibly prolific and gifted songwriter Robert Pollard. Since 1983, Pollard and a rotating cast of accompanying musicians have released an enormous catalog of lo-fi indie rock. In 1994, Guided by Voices signed to Matador Records, enabling the 36-year-old Pollard to quit his elementary school teaching position and focus solely on the band. In that time, Pollard has released an astounding number of songs, totaling over 3000 with Guided by Voices, solo and various other side projects. His recorded output is so enormous that “greatest hits” packages have been released of his work from a single year.

The final performance of Tigerbomb! will be a celebration of nearly two decades of camaraderie and lifelong friendships created through a mutual admiration of straightforward rock and roll.

Tigerbomb! With Monster Women, Opossum Sun Trail and Mother Vines

Saturday, May 28th 2016 The Shanty 213 3rd Street, Eureka CA

8:00PM 21+ FREE!

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