Magic Tricks to Amaze Your Tripping Friends

Scott Simpson, contributor

Find The Card
Requires: A deck of cards

“Pick a card, any card. Be sure to remember it, now put it back in the deck. OK, is this your card? The Queen of Clubs? No? Are you sure, because look at the queen’s face. Keep looking. Who does she remind you of? Exactly.”


The Disappearing Dollar Bill
Requires: A banknote from your friend

“Do you have any cash on you? OK, a twenty will do. As you all can see, this is a standard $20 bill, it has not been altered in any way. Except, well, now that I think about it, it has been altered, hasn’t it? In 1933, when the United States left the gold standard and $20 became well, whatever the government says it is. And what does The Man say it is? $20! If you think about it, this is just a worthless piece of green paper. I’ll dispose of it for you.”


The Levitating Guru

“Here I sit before you, eating nachos. Close your eyes. Now in your mind, picture me, levitating. Which one is, like, the real me?”


The Color Conjuration
Requires: Paint, a wall you have been meaning to paint for a while

“Now it’s your turn to learn a trick of your own! See this green wall? See this red paint? OK, I’ll be back in an hour.”


The Amazing Majesty of Nature
Requires: Nature’s majesty

“I know, right?”


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