Magic Tricks for the Blind

Hello, Montreal School for the Blind! Who’s ready for some magic tricks, huh? Yeah! My name is Zack, I’ll be your magician today. Welp, bibbity bobbity boo, let’s get to the magic!

1) OK, so I just take this rabbit here — yeah, you can feel it, go ahead — you too, sure — OK, then I put him in the hat. No, I’m sorry, I can’t have everyone feel the rabbit. Just, listen, just trust the first two people over here. They felt the rabbit. All right, in the hat. Uh, black hat, big brim, uh, tall flat crown on it. No, nope, sorry, can’t feel the hat. OK, tapping the hat. Tapping the hat with my, uh, magic wand here… OK, and… boom! It’s a dove now! There he goes! Adios, dove! What? No, no, you can’t feel — it’s gone. It flew away. It was cool, though. Rabbit turned into a dove. Yeah, magic.

2) All righty, got a deck of cards here, 52 cards… I’m fanning them out for you, Ma’am. Pick one. Yep, right over here. There you go. Now, don’t show me the card. OK, so — Oh. Right, right. Uh. How’s this gonna… OK, so I’ll tell you what card you picked, I guess. Let’s look here… It’s the 3 of Spades. You picked the 3 of Spades. OK, putting it back in the deck here, shuffling again. OK, now, on the table right here, is a cake. Yeah. All right, sure. Feel the cake. So now I’m cutting it… cutting… the… cake, there we go. And inside — wow, will you look at that? It’s the 3 of Spades, just like I told you you picked! Wow! … OK, next trick.

3) For this one, I’m going to need help from all of you out there. This is my most dangerous illusion. I am secured in this straitjacket, and I am going to slide off my perch here and into the 10-foot-tall vat of water. OK? Then there’s this timer here on the ledge that holds the plugged-in hairdryer. If I don’t get out in 2 minutes, the hairdryer will fall and electrocute me, which won’t really matter, because I’ll be drowning by then anyway. Your job, audience, is if anything looks like it’s going wrong, I need you guys to run over and hit the release switch right over here and unplug the hairdryer. My assistant would normally be doing that, but we’re in the process of a pretty hairy divorce, and — well, no need to get into it. Point is, I’m counting on you folks. My life is in your hands. OK, so if all goes well, I’ll be talking to you guys again within two minutes! Here we go!

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