Meat Puppets hit Humbews

If you don’t go to the Meat Puppets show this Saturday (11/16) you are setting a dangerous precedent for live music in Humboldt County. For Humbrews to land a band of this magnitude and to see them in an intimate venue is quite the treat.

Now I don’t want to get into their whole history or anything, you can check that out here:

I can tell you about my personal history with being a Meat Puppets fan. I’m not going to about to say I’ve been there since day one, and frankly I’m a newcomer to the Meat Puppets in relation to their 30 year existence.

But about six years ago I had the chance to see them at Slims in SF. I was so excited and went out in the big city for drinks before the show. And then drinks at the show and by the time the Meat Puppets took the stage I was holding on to a pole in the room for dear life thinking the Meat Puppets were suddenly playing on a boat at sea. Next day I was pretty bummed that I thought I lost my only chance ever to see the Meat Puppets.

But no. Humbrews brought up the Meat Puppets a couple years ago and I detoxed for 11 days in anticipation for the show. I’m glad I did. It was one helluva a show. The best I’ve ever seen in Humboldt, and I saw B-Real play 2 Cypress Hill songs at Club West and the Kotton Mouth Kings play Summerfest one year.

Saturday, Nov. 16, 9:30 p.m. 15$. or go here:

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