Merso – Red World

Sam Wingspan, contributor

On, Red World, by the Seattle based Merso, you are served an album that revels in multitude. At the same time you’re hearing an eight track thundering opus that anybody could dance to, while concurrently, should you feel the urge, head banging would be an absolutely acceptable move; the seemingly effortless tango between rhythm and intensity marrying delightfully.While you hear what sounds like a beautiful baby made in a murky basement when the sounds of Modest Mouse and Blur got drunk and had a child, the vocal quality is also reminiscent of Prince’s trademark falsetto- no small accomplishment by anyones standards. Most importantly, while you feel at first that you may be listening to a palatable indie rock album, you’re stuck by the fact that Merso, unlike so many of their compatriots, are daring to be different. Toying with tempos, cadences, tones, and song structure that breathes life into a genre that hitherto appeared to be on life support. Do your body and soul a service, and listen to Red World cover to cover.

11 out of 12 cans of PBR!

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