My Mom Is a Phone Zombie but It’s Not All Bad

Ruth Godlin Sullivan (11), contributor

Whenever my mom is looking at pictures of her new favorite actors; T.J Miller, Kate McKinnon or other old people, I know she will be glued to her screen for hours. Like a zombie. But with her eyeball drying addiction, there come advantages.

#1- Stealing Candy

Usually we have some really frozen marshmallows or even sprinkles. The trick is to take a little when she is staring at the screen, and then wait until she decides to watch Star Trek on her pad. Then you can steal all of it.

#2- Buying Stuff

When we are at the grocery store and she is on her phone, we can really get anything. If she is looking up something on her phone then you can ask for anything she will either say yes, or you can just place it in the cart. She is a complete phone zombie.

#3- Games

Our mom plays a game called Rift. You kill people and do frustrating quests. Mom started me and Dinah at the ages of 9 and 8. Mom is always wanting us to play games that she plays and she makes several accounts for me on our “Gaming Computer “ and eventually she gets zombied out and you can AFK and eat whatever you want .

So it is good when your mom is a phone zombie.

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