Of Montreal – Innocence Reaches

Samantha Gilweit, contributor

Of Montreal’s latest, Innocence Reaches, is definitely not a complete pile of shit. Frontman Kevin Barnes’ strengths are full force in this album – titillating synths, dance floor worthy rhythms, and clever lyrics displaying a whimsical psychosis. Many who’ve written about Of Montreal immediately pinpoint the influences of two avant-garde, pop idols: Prince and Bowie. But 2016’s music martyr duo were both weird while having wide appeal. Innocent Reaches has the elements for that successful transformation but fails in fully forming. Songs range in sound from glam rock to funk to surf to EDM. And while each track individually contains its own gems, each song is far too tethered to its influence. Like eating a chunky soup or being in an awkward orgy, this album allows for only one flavor at a time in your mouth. Arguably, the EDM influenced tracks like “Let’s Relate” and “It’s Different for Girls” are the strongest on the album. But while listening, I kept thinking, “Am I in the club or am I in my underwear crying uncontrollably?” I think Barnes wants it to be both. It should be both. But this album isn’t it.

8 out of 12 cans of PBR!

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