From the Mouths of Babes – The Savage Henry Comedy Festival Primer

The 6th annual Savage Henry Comedy Fest descends on Humboldt October 6th – 8th. In the last half decade the festival has grown in size, quality, and reputation. I mean, it’s still not a huge fest and most of the performers are turnt as hell, but it’s become a yearly tradition for some of the best and weirdest comics working today. The festival breeds heroes and legends each year, some for their performances onstage, some for their “performances” off. But comedians and audiences both agree, there’s no other festival like it in the country. I asked some of this year’s performers, veterans and rookies, about their feelings on the Savage Henry Comedy Festival. Here’s what they had to say.

What are you looking forward to at this year’s Savage Henry Comedy Fest?

“I’m stoked for the networking and party favors.” – Tom Bomb

“Piledriving Ben Bryant through a table.” – Dave Losso

“I’m excited to refer to myself as a ‘Savage Henry Magazine Comedy Festival performer’ every time I meet someone new.” – Lydia Manning, Savage Henry Magazine Comedy Festival performer

“I’m really excited to fart next to a whole new group of comedians while making small talk.” – Mike Hawkburns

“The sight of that wiffle ball sailing over the outfield wall.” – Andrew Holmgren, sports legend

“This is my third year and it would be nice if someone would at least offer me drugs.” – Tiffany Greysen

“Wait, there’s comedy shows at Wiffleball Camp?!” – Justin Gomes

What is your favorite festival memory?

“My friend Scott – who is a great comic and a successful man and a wonderful father – ate an entire cigarette outside of a vape lounge for no apparent reason. And a man who looked like Weed Santa Claus asked me to have sex with his wife after a show.” – Jesse Hett

“Last year I missed two of the three shows I was on and they still fuck with me. Savage Henry rules!” – Keith D’souza

“My favorite might have to be when the tranny blew at Blondie’s. What a drag!” – Dutch “Things Were Different in My Day” Savage

What’s the best thing about the Savage Henry Comedy Festival?

“I’m surrounded by everyone that I love.” – Matt Redbeard

“I love doing drugs.” – Cornell Reid

“I love just walking around the streets and running into comics from all over. It’s like all of the world’s superheroes were gathered for a big mission: to get wasted and laugh.” – Robert Berry

“The shows are hella fun, Savage Henry is great, Durant is the best. But what I love most about the festival is walking around Arcata and imagining I could live there and smoke weed all day.” – Joe Wagner

“Savage Henry is my favorite crazy weekend in a crazy town with crazy people.” – Dash Kwiatkowksi

“In the American landscape, Humboldt county is a unique amalgamation. The topography is easily admired and deceptively diverse, lending itself to pie-eyed sun seekers, Bigfoot hunters, beach gazers and gourmands. Northern California is one of the rare locales where a day hike can end in a surf session. Hitchhiking is still an acceptable means of conveyance. The produce is exceptional, as is the wine, and the pescatarian options are world class.” – Sam Tallent, travel blogger

“It’s like summer camp for degenerate kids where drugs and alcohol are not only allowed, but encouraged!” – Leslie Small

“I love it because I am a standup comic, but my real passions are hallucinogenics and wiffle ball.” – Ben Kolina

“Savage Henry and the city of Arcata offer something so unique in today’s world, the right to be weird. This may seem small, but as a comedian it’s rare where you feel comfortable to be weird on AND off the stage. Savage Henry Comedy Fest is my second home and somewhere I feel so free it’s amazing.” – Adam Jacobs

“The Savage Henry Fest is a wildly untethered work of mad, mad people; grown of the dank and fog of Humboldt County, it truly is a spectacle unlike any other festival.” – Paul Danke

“It’s a trip in every sense of that word.” – Billy Wayne Davis

“I grew up in Humboldt watching standup my whole life, so to see friends I’ve made doing standup from other cities, having fun in the city that raised me, and telling jokes in the city that I started standup in is the epitome of joy.” – Zeke Herrera

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