Movie Review: “Willow Creek”

I had the luxury of watching the premier of Bobcat Goldthwait’s latest directorial effort, “Willow Creek,” at Arcata Theater Lounge. For those not in the know, “Willow Creek” is a Blair Witch-esque found footage movie about a couple who goes deep into the woods of Humboldt County searching for the original spot where Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin shot the iconic bigfoot footage in 1967, the whole thing shot on location. James “Bobo” Fay from Animal Planet’s “Finding Bigfoot” occupied the seat next to me.

The film is suspenseful and spooky and the local references were actually where they were supposed to be. Not like “Humboldt County”, that carpet- bagging film where we were lead to believe that The Logger bar in Blue Lake is a place someone from Shelter Cover might go to grab a quick beer.

There were some slow moments, but the long scene in the tent really sucked me in, my wife too. Scared my wife so good one time she jumped and kicked our table, nearly spilling everyone’s drink.

I felt fortunate Bobo was sitting next to me. It was almost like taking craigslist up on one of those “Wife’s outta town come over and watch porn with me….no homo” offers. When the suspected sasquatch knocked some trees together in the distance, Bobo would let a “Yeahhhh, that’s what it’s really like,” semi-moan out. When the rock throwing started “Ooooh, yeah, for sure, that’s real.”

When a rendition of a sasquatch communication was a little off for Bobo, he was sure to voice his disapproval there too, and a little louder. “That’s not real!”

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. The actors were great, including all of the locals who added a quirky element which sadly most outside of the area will probably think is fake, but were merely playing themselves. Bobcat was great at the premiere, very down to Earth and cool to all his fans and photo opp seekers.

The Arcata Theater Lounge was the perfect environment for this premier and the whole experience really enlightened me to the sasquatch sub-culture around here. I always knew they were here, I’ve been to Willow Creek plenty of times….let’s just say now I’m a believer.

10 out of 12 PBRs

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