Music Review – Autumn Electric – Flowers for Ambrosia

Adrienne Marie, contributor

 The term “progressive” can be just as confusing as “alternative” (what the hell does that mean these days, anyway?). Sometimes music moves forward, using modern ideas, breaks that tired, old pop format, and can only be tagged with the label of “progressive.”

I’d say that the newly-released fourth full-length album from Autumn Electric, Flowers for Ambrosia, is perfectly proggy. I don’t mean heavy nerd rock—it’s progressive folk rock, backed by thoughtful stories and haunting melodies written (mostly) by lead singer/songwriter Michael Trew.

One minute, you’ll be in the depths of loss, and the next you’ll bounce as if you’re riding on the open sea. “Orange Stars” – a 20-minute epic – takes you from joy to regret to hot and bothered.

With their new top-notch guitarist and edgier, more precise drummer, Flowers for Ambrosia catapults Autumn Electric’s music to a refreshingly complex, emotional level, with plenty of welcomed variety.

 Rating: 10 out of 12 cans of PBR

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