Hidden Lake "Sinking Choirs EP"

Music Review: Hidden Lake “sinking Choirs eP”

Leah Brzezinski, contributor   

Seattle-based Charles Hargis and Adam Drew have been making music together for years under various guises, and their latest collaboration as Hidden Lake (along with a new bassist and lead guitarist) is most certainly their best work to date.

After scrapping much of their previous material, they began writing again in earnest last summer and have returned to a harder-edged sound on their latest five song EP, brimming with pent-up intensity, and frank observation.

Drew’s driving percussion and keys perfectly set the pace for Hargis’ brooding, intricate guitar parts, his deep bass vocals buoyed by softer, melodic unison. Both pop and grunge sensibilities interplay equally well on more up-tempo tracks like “Stark Naked” and the more sentimental “Painful Graces.” All in all, “Sinking Choirs” bobs rhythmically like a boat on choppy seas, kept afloat by lyrics ranging from wistful love, drunken regret, and wry acceptance of one’s own bullshit.

Rating: 9 out of 12 PBR cans!!! 

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