Music Review – QuadkilleR – Untitled

Rosa Green, contributor

 So, apparently in Arkansas they know of us here at Savage Henry as bitches who’ll review any damn thing that shows up on our desks!

Yeah right! Like we would review some small time local political electro group from who knows where named QuadkilleR. It turns out they’re not that bad and I enjoy listening to them. These presumptuous fools from Little Rock consist of a Louisiana poet named Ant Thomaz and a Floridian composer named Adam Lansky and draw inspiration ranging from Tool to Jay-Z to Tchaikovsky.

On their album Untitled, their style ranges from sparse rap with repetitive background beats on “Brooklyn” to weird poetic electronic whispery jams like “Animals That Swim.” “Welcome to Dallas” is a lyrical dramatic rap thing that focuses on a scenario where Thomaz gets detained at the airport on his way to speak at a conference.

If these fellows called Arcata their home they surely would be loved, but surely they’ll never leave Arkansas. All we get is their teasing insistence that we give them a review, so here it is.

 Rating: 6 out of 12 cans of PBR


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