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Music Review: The Tweeners

The Tweeners “shanty eP + bonus” 

Like their influential musical forefathers before them, The Tweeners aren’t preoccupied with the technicality of their compositions as much as expressing themselves and their process in live and recorded format. What may come off as amateurish to some is actually the inspired output of a quintet of incredibly creative individuals. The original material found here is all over the place, defying typical classification while subtly acknowledging their influences.

Their sixth album “Shanty EP + Bonus,” is typically schizophrenic. There’s cover interpretations of songs by The Soft Machine, Bo Diddley, Tommy Roe and The Maze. More intriguing, however, is the original material which hints at adventurous artists like Albert Ayler and Sun Ra or a twisted version of early Pink Floyd.

Occasionally you may feel that you’re listening to a room full of children experimenting on instruments they’ve picked up for the first time. Don’t be deterred though, the band’s expressionistic, bizarre take on pop music makes for an intriguing listening experience.

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