Never Lustered – The Nathan Lund Interview

Reigning Denver Comedy Champion, Fine Gentleman’s Club co-founder, and all-around joy bomb Nathan Lund is one of the most recognizable faces in the Denver scene. With over 10 years of stand-up under his belt, Lund has earned his place on festivals like High Plains and Oddball, and has performed with folks like Kyle Kinane and TJ Miller. His weekly showcase Too Much Fun (RIP) consistently lived up to its name and was one of the best rooms in Denver to catch a top notch selection of visiting and local comics. I talked to Lund about defending his title belt, wrestling, and his experiences with the Savage Henry Comedy Festival.

Isaac Kozell: You recently lost the Denver Comedy Champion belt. How are you coping?

Nathan Lund: I did lose the Denver Comedy Championship to Sam Tallent earlier this summer. He had it for a few weeks, including at his wedding, which was tough for me to stomach. But fortunately, I was able to beat Sam in a Loser Leaves Town match right before he moved to Las Vegas. I haven’t defended the title since winning it back. Hopefully I will be buried with it. Forever the champ!

IK: What is the current state of the Fine Gents after Chris Charpentier and Sam Tallent’s Denver exodus?

NL: The Fine Gentleman’s Club will always be alive and well because the four of us will always be friends. Chris and Sam moved and Bobby isn’t doing our show Too Much Fun anymore, but we are all still best buds. The other guys are there partying in spirit.

IK: Did you quit drinking?

NL: I did stop drinking for the near future.

IK: Mind if I ask why?

NL: I want to focus on my weed smoking! I also want to lose weight while still eating garbage. Cutting out drinking leaves more room for fried chicken and hot dogs.

IK: Over the last few years Denver has produced a lot of great comics who have moved on to other parts of the country. Is it your goal to stay and hold down the fort or are you setting your sights elsewhere?

NL: I can’t say what I will end up doing for sure. I still love being in Denver and want to stay here for now, but if I can save some money and keep working towards bigger opportunities, at some point I could see myself moving elsewhere. Stay tuned, folks!

IK: Who is doing comedy right now that makes you jealous in a good, healthy way?

NL: I am healthy jealous of Zach Reinert’s comedy. He moved to Denver from Omaha, and I’m so glad he did. He is dark and smart and he keeps getting funnier.

IK: What’s the coolest thing that has ever happened to you in comedy?

NL: I hosted a film series at Red Rocks called Film on the Rocks all this summer and that felt really cool. I also got to open for wrestler Mick Foley at the Comedy Works earlier this year and I was in awe the whole night. That will be tough to beat for sure.

IK: You do color commentary for the wrestling show Lucha Libre & Laughs. Who is your all time favorite wrestler?

NL: Mick Foley is my favorite overall because he is a great person who gave everything he had to entertain people. It was incredible to meet him.

IK: As a Savage Henry Comedy Festival veteran what’s your best festival memory?

NL: I love partying in Humboldt! The drugs are plentiful and it’s always hoodie weather. I called the wiffle ball game with Sam Tallent and that was awesome. But the best was being able to do Too Much Fun with the rest of the Fine Gents to close out the fest. We are hardly in the same city at the same time anymore, but when we get to meet up it is always special.

IK: Quick Rapid Fire Quiz time! Jokes or tokes?

NL: Jokes and tokes go together. Can’t pick between them. Sorry.

IK: Trump or (Van Halen’s) Jump?

NL: Anything over Trump, even a Van Halen song.

IK: Mustard or lustered?

NL: Does lustered mean kind of flustered but also kind of lusty? Half-boner frustration? Mustard I guess because lustered is a fake word at best and at worst, a kind of horny ennui that I don’t wish on my worst enemy.

IK: Lustered means shiny, but I respect your choice. What is the funniest thing in the world to you?

NL: Step Brothers: Extended Unrated Version!


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