New Flavors of Swishers

Ivan Garcia, contributor


Belly Button Fruit Punch

Hailing from the peak of the Himalayas comes a flavor so pure you’ll have flashbacks of your birth.  


Racial Tensions Vanilla  

Maneuvering through this country’s racism problem can be hard on a person. Kick back and watch American fall apart as beautiful vanilla aromas make love to your nostrils.


Neglected Child Raspberry

This flavor was concocted to pair nicely with a 3rd DUI and a domestic violence dispute.



Snake. Beef jerky, cowboy hats, and a bad attitude have been rolling into one for this flavor. Shoo away those barflys and ride into the sunset with the delicious flavor of Snake.


Neck Scrape

We made this special flavor for those hardworking people who just can’t seem to get a break. Jump into some neck scrape!


Cinnamon Woke

Stay woke and make sure to let the beautiful cinnamon aromas guide you as you spread the good word through social media.


Bologna Mayo Tropical Blast

Hitting the beach this summer? Make sure to pick up some Bologna Mayo Tropical Blast Swishers before you hit the waves, bro.

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