NFL ‘13 Season Betting Primer

What’s more fun than American football? Betting on American football!

Here are some of my choices in Harrah’s book for various side and prop bets for the upcoming season. I’m an expert, so these picks are LAYUPS, people. Take these to the bank. (All official Vegas odds as of 9/4/13.)

Aaron Hernandez will be asked to sing the National Anthem before the Super Bowl: 450-1

Terry Bradshaw will score the first TD of the 2013 season: 33-1 An entire team will come out as homosexual before Oct. 14: 20-1

At least seven sideline reporters will die of vulture attacks before the playoffs: 55-2

Martin Short, wearing a huge wizard’s hat, will attend a Seattle Seahawks game and be shown on the Jumbotron eating shrimp cocktail: 3-2

Aaron Hernandez will be found guilty of committing every murder, ever: 100-1

Tim Tebow will break Tom Brady’s record of 50 passing touchdowns in a season: 2,000-1

The St. Louis Rams will fly to the wrong city for a game one week, where they will join the game already in progress between the two teams scheduled to be there: 70-1

Darrelle Revis will intercept 400 or more passes in one game: 8-5

Larry Bird will dunk from the 3-point line to win the World Series in sudden death: 6,500-1

Aaron Hernandez will murder the judge during his own trial: 300-1

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