Ngaio Bealum is no stranger to Humboldt County

Few things say weed and comedy more than Ngaio Bealum. The Sacramento-based comedian has been smoking and telling jokes across the country for years, even back when you had to go to the Bayshore Mall to see stand-up. He’ll be returning to Humboldt Feb. 7 to do a set at Humbrews.


Savage Henry: What was it that pushed you into comedy?  

Ngaio Bealum: No other marketable skills. I was in theater in high school, and everyone said I was really funny and that I should try stand-up. So I did. They were right. I am really funny.


SH: How old were you and what happened the first time you smoked weed?

NB: 8th grade. Busted by my mom. She was so mad, she called my dad. That never happens. They were both casual cannabis users, so they couldn’t get all aggro about it. They just told me to wait. So I didn’t touch it again until college.


SH: So, have you looked into moving to Colorado or Washington yet?

NB: I’m not moving. I love Cali. But I am going to open a chain of “Bud and Breakfast” hotels on the West Coast.


SH: What do you think of Obama’s comments recently about not going after recreational users?

NB: Yeah. It’s a very sneaky thing. Of course the feds aren’t going after pot users, they go after pot sellers and growers. Kinda like what he said about medical cannabis. I am hoping that the feds let CO and WA do their thing. We shall see.


SH: Which president do you think would have benefited from daily smoke sessions the most and why?

NB: I used to say that  GW Bush was the one president who needed a bong hit and a blowjob more than anyone. I was willing to get him high, but I wasn’t gonna blow him.


SH: What is your favorite strain?

NB: One favorite? yeah right. I like: Three Kings, Bubba Kush, Diesel, and any well done outdoor variety.


SH: What is your favorite way to ingest weed?

NB: Joints. all day, all night. I can twist one up left handed wearing gloves on a ski lift at night.


SH: What are your thoughts on Humboldt County?

NB: I love Humboldt!  Been hanging out here since the late ‘80s. We used to do comedy at The Sweet River Saloon, and the Rathskellar way back in the day. I once pulled into the parking lot at The Eureka mall, and found half a joint right by my car. Magical.


SH: How long, in your opinion, before weed is legal across in the board in California?

NB: It’s de facto legal now. Four years until full-on legalization.


SH: What will you do on that day?

NB: Chill at my “Bud and Breakfast” Hotel.


SH: Where can our readers find more Ngaio Bealum?

NB: twitter: @ngaio420 or just Google me. I’m the second most popular Ngaio in the world.


SH: Any final thoughts?

NB: You don’t have to be a weed smoker to enjoy my show, but it doesn’t hurt.

You can see Ngaio on the “Cooking on High” on Netflix.

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