The Notwist: Close to the Glass

Raj Noogmosh, contributor

 For proof that it really pays to listen beyond the first track – and also proof musicians are still making albums with the hope that listeners will take it in from start to finish – The Notwist’s newest release demands and rewards patience. The opening ultra low-fi digital blips and syncopated percussion of signals could lead the casual listener to believe this will be more of an experiment in sound than actual music.

And when I mean actual music, I’m referring to the third track, “Kong,” which is as bright and shiny and hook-heavy as anything on Wilco’s Being There. This track is an outlier, but less so than Signals. Other tracks on this album evoke Kid A era Radiohead.

The Notwist are using electronic ambience to not just recreate live instrumentation, but to paint a sonic landscape that is both retro and most definitely music for the future.

Rating: 10 out of 12 Cans of PBR


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