Obvious Jokes (“Jokes”)

Zack Newkirk, staff


Q: What do you call Bobcat Goldthwait when he’s trying to reach his goal weight?

A: Bobcat Goalweight


Q: What do you call Johnny Carson when he’s trying to get his son into his car?

A: Johnny “Car””son”


Q: What do you call Ace of Base when they are playing in a celebrity baseball game?

A: Ace of baseball


Q: What is a bottle of Merlot’s favorite country singer?

A: Merlot Haggard


Q: What do you call The Beach Boys when they are playing a show at the actual beach?

A: The “Beach” Boys


Q: What do you call Nicolas Cage when he’s in a cage?

A: Nicolas “Cage”


Q: What do you call the Beatles when you find out that John Lennon beat his first wife?

A: The “Beat”les


Q: What do you call President Obama when he’s giving a speech?

A: The Kenyan Muslim Barack Saddam Hussein Obama Who Sure As Heck Weren’t Born in No Hawaii, I tell you that much.


Q: What do you call Ice Cube when he’s frozen to death?

A: “Ice” Cube


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