The Odyssey Cult – Volumes I and II

Spencer Devine, contributor

With a list of epic track names like “Cyclops, Tell Them It Was I!” I really expected a lot from Ethan Miller’s new wholly-improvised-electric guitar-fantasy instrumental-narrative album.

I applaud this recording for its message and what it’s trying to do, but this was not my cup of loud noises. To me it seemed like an hour and a half of soundcheck, noise that came so close to sounding like music but would recoil, improv-screech, and bite itself like a crazed and deadly medusa in its death throes.

I tried to listen to this album at work and my coworkers made me change it to, “like anything else.”

Not saying this couldn’t be someone’s jam, but improvised noise guitar epics haven’t won me over today (and yes I also tried listening super baked, to no avail).

Rating: 5 out of 12 cans of PBR!

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