Oozing Wound – Whatever Forever

Adam Jacobs, Contributor

Oozing Wound’s newest release Whatever Forever should be renamed Loose Stool or Audio Ex Lax ‘cause it rocks the shit right outta your butt.

Heavy punk metal with a “fuck your dad” type of energy, Oozing Wound are completely mental. Rock these dudes out if you hate your neighbors or need to meth it out for a week or two. Intricate guitars mixed with scream core vocals and some hard ass drumming equal a little poopoo in my underroos.  

This isn’t my normal cup of tea but fuck it, tea is for losers, I’m a coffee guy and Oozing Wound drinks coffee out of pee holes on stage (I imagine).  

8 out of 12 cans of PBR! ( just for helping with my constipation)

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